I was 17 years old and pregnant again

I was 17 years old and pregnant again

When I first came to the Pregnancy Centre, I was 17 years old and pregnant with my second child. Nobody in my family besides my mom knew I was pregnant yet because I was so terrified of their reaction at the time. At 17 years old it's not exactly easy being a mother to one baby (let alone 2 babies) and I wanted to discuss my options so my CAS worker brought me to the Pregnancy Centre. 

At the Pregnancy Centre

The minute I walked in their establishment the entire staff introduced themselves and did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. When my peer counsellor and I sat down to talk I told her that even though normally I'm against abortion I was considering it. Life was difficult raising one baby, the father of my kids and I were having some issues and he had just been arrested. I was terrified to tell anyone I had even thought about abortion. What would people think, more importantly, what would I think of myself? When I finally explained what I was going through my peer counsellor never once made me feel uncomfortable, or like I was being judged, but rather like she just wanted to help me find the answers on what I truly wanted.

At the Pregnancy Centre I was shown it is OK to be scared and being scared doesn't mean you don't love your baby. When I finally made the decision I wanted to keep and raise my new baby, the Pregnancy Centre introduced me to their other program options where I could earn "baby bucks" and receive all sorts of helpful baby items such as clothes, bath stuff, high chair and much more.

The Pregnancy Centre helped me rediscover the joys of pregnancy and parenthood.

Editor's Note: Thank you for sharing your story. Many young women do find it difficult to reach out and share with others when they find out that they are pregnant. It is wonderful that you were able to receive support and encouragement at the Pregnancy Centre. 

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