Free & Confidential Services

Free & Confidential Services

OnlineCare offers you the following free and confidential services:

Centre Services

The local centres listed on offer some or all of the following services. Click on a particular service to find out where you can get this service."

  • Abortion Information

    Information is available on abortion procedures and the possible physical and emotional risks.

  • Adoption Support

    Information on open and closed adoptions as well as support during and following the adoption process.

  • Community Referrals

    Referrals to local agencies for support services and practical assistance.

  • Doula Services

    Physical, emotional and educational support for a mother who is expecting.

  • Grief Support Program

    A series of meetings, either individual or group, that follow a curriculum for healing.

  • Material Support

    If you are a pregnancy client and in a low income situation, there is practical help for you in the way of baby clothing, formula, diapers and other items.

  • Maternity Home

    A safe and confidential residence for you during your pregnancy.

  • Men's Support Programs

    Mentoring support and peer counselling for men.

  • Mentorship

    An organized relationship between client and volunteer to coach and empower with life skills and emotional support.

  • Moms' Support Group

    A group which facilitates connection between moms and also provides learning opportunities.

  • Options Counselling

    An opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and receive information on all your options in a confidential environment.

  • Parenting Education

    An opportunity to learn various parenting skills, and receive support and encouragement in a group environment.

  • Post Abortion Services

    Compassionate and helpful support for anyone experiencing distress after abortion.

  • Postpartum Support

    Ongoing emotional and practical help for you after the baby is born, including home visits, calls, and group classes.

  • Pre-Natal/Childbirth Education

    Learn about fetal development, healthy pregnancy, labour, breastfeeding, and how to prepare for baby’s arrival.

  • Pregnancy Tests

    Free, quick and sensitive test. Results are given immediately and confidentially.

  • Sexual Abuse Counselling

    Professional and/or peer counselling support for victims of sexual assault.

  • Sexual Health Support

    Education and/or programs for sexual health and relationships.

  • STI Testing

    A medical service for sexually transmitted infection testing.

  • Ultrasounds

    A sonogram test to see fetal development in utero.