My Options: Adoption

My Options: Adoption

Why Adoption?

If you find yourself unable to parent at this stage of your life, either due to financial, emotional, relational, or other reasons, adoption is one option to consider.

Adoption can be a good choice for both you and your child. It means:

  • You can provide your child with a future by placing him/her with a family who is ready to parent
  • You are able to pursue your life goals without the responsibility of parenting, or the potential grief of abortion

Can I Be Involved in Placing My Child for Adoption?

Yes. Today’s adoption process allows you to:

  • Create a plan that considers the best interests of your child
  • Choose the family in which your child would be raised

What is “Closed Adoption” and “Open Adoption”?

“Open Adoption” – allows you to have ongoing contact with the child, and the adoptive family. It’s possible for you to remain a part of your child’s life.

“Closed Adoption” – allows you to preserve your identity if you choose not to have further contact.

When Do I Have to Decide?

You can make an adoption plan anytime during your pregnancy, or even after your baby is born.

Adoption laws vary by province. You may want to consult a local adoption agency or adoption lawyer for accurate information.

Any Support for Birth Mothers?

Planning an adoption for your child can be emotionally difficult. There will be a grieving process involved. It’s important to have support throughout the entire adoption journey.

You may find support you need from:

  • Post adoption support group
  • Adoption agency
  • Online or in-person pregnancy support services (see below for details)
  • Family and friends

Having a support network can help you move forward positively, and give you encouragement to pursue your goals.

We welcome you to start a conversation online, or check out a pregnancy centre near you, if you'd like to discuss your options further, or if you need a referral to local services.

You are not alone.

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