Men and Abortion

Men and Abortion

The stress men experience after an abortion is often not talked about.

As the man in the relationship, it may be difficult to put into words the stress you now feel. You may be dismissing it in order to move on.

There are some general reasons why a man may struggle after an abortion:

  • He allowed his partner to make the decision to abort alone
  • He insisted upon or forced his partner to have an abortion
  • He didn't want the abortion and tried actively to stop it
  • He found out about the abortion after it was completed

If you are a man who has been affected by an abortion, you may be experiencing some negative reactions. Your reactions may be different than your partner, yet distressing to you.

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There is help available.

If you'd like to explore your next steps or simply share your story as a starting point, please feel free to start a conversation with us, or check out a pregnancy centre near you.

We are here to listen and help. 

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