Reconnect With OnlineCare

Reconnect With OnlineCare

We're glad that you've come back! 

OnlineCare is transitioning to a new messaging system. If you have an OnlineCare account and have been in conversation with an a peer counsellor through our previous secure messaging system, we invite you to continue that conversation. 

You can login to your account here:


You may also choose to submit a message to our new OnlineCare messaging system through the form below. In this message, you may provide the name of the OnlineCare Peer Counsellor that you had been in touch with previously and we will direct your message to their attention.

We look forward to hearing from you!

OnlineCare collect a first name, your age range, gender and general location. This limited amount of information means that your anonymity is protected. We invite you to read our Privacy Policy for complete details.