I was new to Canada when I found out I was pregnant

I was new to Canada when I found out I was pregnant

I was new to Canada when I found out I was pregnant. This happened as I was contemplating returning to my home country to get away from my abusive husband. As I struggled to think about raising a child within this abusive relationship, I was not sure whether I could continue the pregnancy. This is when I turned to OnlineCare and found a compassionate and supportive peer counsellor, Ruth*. 
Through our conversation online and Ruth’s referral to my local pregnancy care centre, I found comfort and support for the struggles I was going through. The help of the pregnancy care centre and relationship that was created between Ruth and I eventually helped lead me to believe that the right choice for me would be to continue my pregnancy. Even as I eventually moved back to my home country for safety and family support, Ruth continued to walk with me throughout my pregnancy journey through OnlineCare. 
I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, earlier than expected and navigated premature birth health concerns with help from my family. I continued to receive practical support from the pregnancy care centre by attending parenting classes virtually. Ruth has encouraged me with spiritual and emotional support as I navigate this new season of motherhood. 
I know God or whoever is up there is looking out for me and my baby girl. He is giving me strength and wisdom to choose the best path for me and my baby. We are more than grateful to have your support halfway around the world.
*Names have been changed.

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