The only option given was abortion

The only option given was abortion

I was 16 and in love... Well at least I thought it was love. My boyfriend told me he loved me and wanted to marry me. I didn't really want to have sex but caved into the pressure. First time having sex and I was pregnant. What was I supposed to do? The only option I was every really given was to abort.

It sounded like a quick and easy solution. I bought into the lie that it was not a baby and after the abortion it would be all over and my "problem" would be fixed. Little did I know that it was just the start of my problems. Yes I did feel relieved for a few weeks, but then the other problems began; loss of self esteem, drinking, suicidal thoughts, anniversary depression.

I wish someone would have told me the truth. Not just the truth about abortion but also the truth about sex. If he loves you he will wait. Sex does not equal love. Don't let anyone pressure you to have sex if you’re not ready. And if you're not ready to be a parent, you're probably not ready to have sex. But if you are like me and you did have an abortion, there is help. Please reach out; there are people willing to help you with your pain.

Editor’s Note:

It must have been a surprise to you at 16 when you realized your first time having sex led to an unplanned pregnancy. You had a big decision with not too many options provided it sounds like. I am sorry about the pain you have had to go through. Thank you for sharing your story and for leaving encouragement to others who may be in similar circumstances as you had found yourself.

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