At 37, I was pregnant and scared

At 37, I was pregnant and scared

I was 37, my marriage was in threads, and I was pregnant. I was scared. What was I to do? I didn't really need to have a baby did I? I went to the doctor and she just fed into all my fears.

She said, "You'll have to go to Vancouver for amnio, the chances of down syndrome are high, you are overweight and you will have a hard time carrying the baby. Your back is already sore, to carry to term you will probably have to spend your 3rd trimester in bed. Just terminate the pregnancy".

The fear consumed me. My son had just started kindergarten and he needed me.

After my abortion

Life went on until the big day. They told me it would be easy... if I only knew then what I know now. The pain, loss, shame, and guilt followed me after my abortion. No one told me I would feel like this.

My greatest hope is that through my experience women could be spared the nightmare I lived. But if they have gone through an abortion like I did, I hope they get help from a pregnancy centre and receive healing so they can embrace the TRUTH and know they are FORGIVEN.

Editor’s Note:

It sounds like this was an uncertain time for you with some fears and unknowns about your pregnancy and marriage. I am glad you were able to receive help at a pregnancy centre and to find healing from the painful emotions after your abortion. Thank you for sharing your story.

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