There is a family somewhere in the world that will love that child.

There is a family somewhere in the world that will love that child

This is my story. I reached out to OnlineCare after having found out that I was pregnant during a visit to my doctor and already well into my second trimester. I had been drinking and using marijuana and I was concerned about the developing fetus. I was terrified. Considering my age and lifestyle, I assessed that I was not in a good place to be a parent and was strongly leaning towards abortion.

As I continued to connect with Nancy* in OnlineCare, I learned after getting an ultrasound, that I was farther along and in the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy. Learning that I was that far along added an extra layer of challenges as I realized that the baby was not my partner's but someone else's I had been with before meeting my current partner. With Nancy's continued support, I was able to sort out my feelings and worked with a tool she provided that allowed me to look at the influence in my life when it came to deciding which of the 3 options I was going to choose. In a second ultrasound, I learned that I was carrying a baby girl and that the baby was developing beautifully. I felt so relieved! By that time, I was considering adoption and had been in touch with a couple that a friend introduced me to who were eager to adopt. The couple had gone through the prerequisites involved in the adoption process and were waiting to become parents. After meeting them, I knew that they were a perfect match for what I was looking for and a massive weight came off my shoulders to know that my daughter was going to go to a good home.

My pregnancy went well. I enjoyed feeling my baby move, while being supported by friends and by OnlineCare. I gave birth to my baby girl at the beginning of the year, and I wanted to tell my story and what I went through to help other people know there are options besides abortion. One of the biggest things that I learned while going through this is that even if you don't decide to keep your baby, there is a family out there somewhere in the world that will love that child as much or if not more than you do. I am still able to a be a part of my daughter's life while still maintaining a healthy distance/relationship with her and her family."

*Names have been changed.

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