Afraid She Was Pregnant

A 17-year old came to the Centre after hearing a Take Charge presentation at her high school. She found out about our Centre from the presentation. She has been dating her boyfriend for one year and they just started having sex about a month ago.

About 2 weeks ago, they were having sex and the condom broke, so she was afraid she was pregnant. She was feeling pretty nervous and scared. Before the pregnancy test we discussed all of her options and how she felt about each one of them. We also talked about what she would do if her pregnancy test was negative. How could we keep her from having to come for a pregnancy test again? She suggested abstinence and birth control as her options.

We talked about the relationship triangle which she remembered from the Take Charge presentation and applied it to her relationship. She admitted that their relationship had changed since they started having sex. He called her less and spoke less on the phone - she felt angry and used.

We talked about how he would react if she told him that she didn''t want to go through another pregnancy test and she didn''t want to have sex anymore. She said if he didn''t agree it wouldn''t be fair to her. We spoke about the importance of having a friend who could hold her accountable. We did the pregnancy test and thankfully it was negative. As per her request, we brought her friend in and talked a little more about accountability.

At the end of her appointment, she and her friend were going to go get tested for STIs and she had decided to speak to her boyfriend.