From unwanted pregnancy to simply unplanned

An Unwanted Pregnancy

When I found out we were expecting another child, I was devastated. This pregnancy was not just unplanned –it was an unwanted pregnancy!

My doctor saw my gut reaction to the news and told me I had the option to terminate my pregnancy if I wanted. I never knew abortion was offered so readily. I hadn’t even been asked what I wanted.

Should I Have An Abortion?

But I had to admit, abortion did seem to be the answer. We already had four young children. We love them all but I was an exhausted mom. I tried to hide my pregnancy for as long as I could. I felt uncomfortable and judged when people gawked at our large family.

Help and Care from a Pregnancy Centre

I was told by a friend about the pregnancy centre in Kelowna. My husband came to the Centre with me for the first visit. With their care and help, we were able to put this pregnancy into a better perspective.

The Centre went above and beyond its ‘duty’ to provide support. It's a family that I don't have here in Kelowna and it helped a lot with my emotional and mental well-being - from having a volunteer babysitting for us now and then, to giving me a more positive outlook and a lot of encouragement.

Our new daughter is our pride and joy! Our unwanted pregnancy became the best thing ever!

Editor's Note:

It's not unusual for couples to consider an unplanned pregnacy to be an unwanted pregnancy. It was very encouraging to hear you took the time to find help and to talk through your decision. Thank you for sharing your story about the birth of your daughter.