My unplanned pregnancy changed my life

I was headed nowhere, hanging out with a party crowd, going to places I didn’t really want to go. Everything changed for me the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test at my doctors. I felt scared and panicky.

At the Pregnancy Care Centre

My doctor referred me to the pregnancy care centre. I desperately needed to talk to someone about what I should do. What a vulnerable point to be at! I needed words of encouragement and hope – to know that someone believed in me.

I arrived at the Centre in a state of shock. My emotions were so intense that, even though I am totally against abortion because I know it ends a tiny life, I just wanted the problem to go away. Getting back to not being pregnant seemed like the solution.

I felt more at peace after learning about my options, from creating an adoption plan to parenting, and yes, learning about abortion procedures, including potential effects on a woman’s physical, emotional and spiritual health.

By the end of my first visit, I felt empowered to follow my instincts as a woman. I knew in my heart that I would be keeping and raising this innocent child.

The Help and Support I Received

I stayed connected with the Centre over the course of my pregnancy. It made a huge difference to not have to carry the weight alone. The staff, volunteers and other moms became part of a great “family” support system.

My son’s little life has changed my life, outside and inside. From going nowhere, I now have a purpose and new confidence in my decisions and my goals.

My family and the people at the Centre stood beside me every step of the way, loving me and encouraging me, and especially – loving my child.

Editor's Note:
Your pregnancy story is the reason why informed decisions and ongoing support are important. It depicts the anxious moments and internal conflict of what many women face when they consider their heart and values in light of a pregnancy decision. Thank you for sharing your story. I am certain it will benefit others who may find themselves in a similiar place as you.