Onlinecare - pregnancy and post-abortion support.

Free & Confidential Services

The local centres listed on have the following services. Click on a particular service to find out where you can get this service.

Pregnancy Tests
Quick and sensitive test; result given to you immediately and confidentially.

Options Counselling
An opportunity to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your pregnancy and receive information on all your options in a confidential environment.

Abortion Information
Information is available on abortion procedures and the possible physical and emotional risks.

Post Abortion Services
Compassionate and helpful support for anyone experiencing distress after abortion.

Adoption Support
Information on open and closed adoptions as well as support during and following the adoption process.

Parenting Education
An opportunity to learn various parenting skills, and receive support and encouragement in a group environment.

Pre-Natal Education
Learn about fetal development and having a healthy pregnancy.

Childbirth Education
Preparing yourself for baby’s arrival. Learn how to prepare for labour, as well as get information about breastfeeding and caring for your newborn.

Material Support
If you are a pregnancy client and in a low income situation, there is practical help for you in the way of baby clothing, formula, diapers and other items.

Community Referrals
Referrals to local agencies for support services and practical assistance.

Maternity Home
A safe and confidential residence for you during your pregnancy.

Interim Housing
Housing on a short-term basis while you are in transition.