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Men and Abortion

Men also suffer after abortion.

If you are a man who has been a part of an abortion, you may experience some or many of the symptoms and behaviours of post abortion stress.

Available studies indicate that the emotional impact of abortion on men includes guilt, depression and shame. Some men demonstrate self-destructive behaviours such as abusing alcohol, drugs and sex.

The level of stress or grief can be varied depending upon the father’s involvement in the decision. A post abortion man can fall into several groups:

  • He allowed his partner to make the decision to abort
  • He insisted upon or forced his partner to have an abortion
  • He didn’t want the abortion and tried actively to stop it
  • He found out about the abortion after it was completed and he had no voice in the decision

There is help available. Please contact one of our online peer counsellors or a listed local service offering post abortion counselling, if you need to talk or would like more information.