Onlinecare - pregnancy and post-abortion support.

We Are Here to Help

OnlineCare is a not-for-profit web service providing free and confidential assistance.

Our OnlineCare staff and volunteers are trained in assisting individuals through the decision-making process of an unplanned pregnancy. In addition, grief counsellors are available for those who may be experiencing emotional pain as a result of an abortion.

The assistance we provide is not intended to be a substitute for anyone requiring medical advice or professional counselling.

Counselling communications are not by email to safeguard your privacy. OnlineCare utilizes a secure, password-entry system.

We hope that you will explore our website to access information, resources, and the quality, caring support of our peer counsellors.

A list of OnlineCare services is below.

Online Peer Counsellor
A free and confidential web-based counselling service that connects you with help during an unplanned or problem pregnancy, or if you are experiencing post abortion grief.

Find a Local Centre
This service will assist you in identifying a local centre offering free and confidential information and support to individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy or needing post abortion care.

Confidential telephone assistance if you are facing an unplanned pregnancy or have post abortion concerns.

Free & Confidential Services
The local centres listed on OnlineCare provide a range of services including free pregnancy tests, options information, prenatal instruction, post abortion counselling, community referrals and other support services.